Company Profile

Our mission is to be our clients’ ‘go-to resource’ for expanding their business. Our company is built on the principles of honesty, integrity, and transparency. GoldFinch USA is a American company offering professional services as a sourcing agent, distribution agent, and service management.

Let us handle your sourcing needs. Sourcing and launching new products can be both one of the most exciting activities and one of the quickest ways to increase profits. However, it is an extremely time- and energy-intensive process. It takes most sellers an average of four to six months to source and launch a new product, with New Product Development projects taking significantly longer.
Due Diligence, QC & Inspection
Let us take care your QC and Inspection for you. There are numerous ways in which the delivery of your product can fail and damage your reputation.
Factory auditing
By establishing a Quality Assurance (QA) programme in advance, suppliers can avoid Quality Control (QC) issues that result in increased costs for them and significant financial exposure for the client.
Supplier Due Diligence
There is no substitute for on-site audits of a new or existing factory to confirm experience, assets (plant, property, and equipment), staffing, and a commitment by ownership and management to meet customer needs.
Shipping & Logistic
Let us handle the logistics for you. It is critical to plan your logistics strategically in order to reduce costs, especially when consolidating goods from multiple suppliers. Every decision, from warehouse selection to port selection to the use of appropriate HS codes, has an impact on costs.
Distribution & Service Management
Our years of expertise and focused distribution channels will be helpful to link domestic channels with the international parties for a partnership co-operation.

Why Gold Finch


Our team has over a decade of product development experience in America.

Quality and consistency are an absolute requirement. There is no compromise.

We are staff by both US and International professionals who understand manufacturing, operations, and project management.

Eliminate the need for costly and lengthy trips by multiple, key personnel. Your staff remains focused on critical projects and crucial timelines.

Re-direct your operating budget, resources, and human capital to what you do best.

Repurpose your capex budget to improving your existing operation. We will match your product/project to a manufacturer with the existing equipment and technology required to get the job done.

Throughout each project we report frequently and consistently, leveraging technology, photos and videos for progress reports

Honesty, integrity, and transparency are at the core of all we do.